• Improved skin texture, reduced redness, reduced pore size and smoother skin
    Lily C. --- UK
  • I am so excited to tell you this. I had a horrible cold sore/fever blister on my lip. It started on Friday and none of the cremes I use helped. Finally, last night, I decided to put the Andris Kener revitalizing serum on it. By morning it was noticeably better. I kept using it all day and it is almost gone!
    Marcia A. --- USA
  • I really like your product. My skin started feeling better within a couple days of starting use of the product. I don't have the itchy feeling of dry skin and it also makes my makeup look better. I put it on as a moisturizer under my makeup and it doesn't feel greasy. I live in a very humid climate and my makeup is now looking fresh all day. I like how my skin feels now.
    Jeanne O. --- USA
  • I have noticed a difference in my skin since using your product. I really like how it has made my skin soft and smooth. My skin feels and I think looks much better than before. I find that I am using less makeup and at age 53 that is, I think, wonderful.
    Beth M. --- USA
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