Skin is the biggest organ in our bodies and the first line of defense. But in addition to protecting our health, the conditions of our skin also determine our perceived attractiveness to others. It is sometimes said people with dull, dry skin might be perceived to be 10 years older than their actual age, and those with smooth, radiant skin to be 10 years younger. Two key contributing factors to the conditions of our skin are its tone and complexion.

Skin tone is how dark or light you look and complexion is how flawless your skin is. The firmness of skin, the absence of wrinkles, freckles and spots are important attributes for beauty. For Asians, lighter skin is often considered as another key attribute while in Europe and North America, an even tone and complexion is considered to be important.

Our products and treatments are designed to be multi-functional to be used either on its own or in combinations in order to achieve these beauty perception objectives.